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Personal Elite Proxies from My-Addr Project
We offer dedicated static new IP address owned by nobody before

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HTTP Proxy
4.74$/month, 2.45$/week
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HTTP Proxy with AntiVirus
9.45$/month, 4.65$/week

Recommended to use for desktop and laptop devices, all mobile devices. Our proxy provide full anonymity and can be used for access forbidden sites, secure computer from exploits and infected content, access sensitive data, super fast surfing, multimedia content access, upload and download files, HTTPS/SSL, FTP, ...
Information about your connection:
IP Address:
Continent code: NA
Country code: US / USA
Country: United States
Region code: N/A
Region name: N/A
City: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.0469
Longitude: -77.4903
Connected from:
Using proxy: no proxy detected

AntiVirus protection of HTTP/HTTPS incoming data and files

Exclusive offer! Protect your computer from Trojans, viruses, malware, exploits and other malicious threats!
Our proxy server checking for viruses your HTTP/HTTPS incoming data and files with multiple antiviruses, so infected content will be blocked before your browser will open it.

Personal proxy for each customer

You will have dedicated outgoing IP address!
We selling proxy only into "one hands", we do not reselling proxies that already was used, so nobody know that it is a proxy and IP have no history. That is why our proxy can be used for connect to AdWords, AdSense, PayPal, MoneyBookers and other sites with IP logging.

Access to all sites, access to some sites blocked by "Admin"

Proxy for: facebook, youtube, myspace, blogspot, yahoo, twitter, wordpress, linkedin, adwords, yahoo, gmail, rapidshare, ...
Our proxy working with all sites that we test, it's provide full compatibility with all modern features.
Internet surfing across the Web without limitation!

Download and upload files, play video and music online

Full access to multimedia content: upload and download files, see stream video, play music online, games, chats and all other features that we need so much.
YouTube realtime video playing working very well.
FTP access available!

No public proxy and no third party products

All of our proxy servers are provided exclusively to our clients and are not publicly available. We sell only our proxy servers, no third party products for our customers.
IP's of our proxies not know as proxy servers in Internet.

Fast Internet access, connection speed up to 1Gbit/sec

Connection speed of our proxies are up to 1Gbit/sec. So you can fill free to download files and content, at the biggest part of cases downloading speed will be not slowly than your Internet connection speed.

No setup fee, instant access to purchased proxy

No setup fee or other hidden payments. You will get access to proxy exactly after you will pay and your order will be approved by billing company.
Proxy account will be linked with your account until your purchase will not expire.

No access logs, full anonymity & safety

Our proxy provide full anonymity of your IP address. You can feel safer, because nobody will know your real IP address and nobody can connect to your computer through our proxy, even if your real IP is external.
If you using proxy, your traffic will be harder to sniff from your local network and ISP.

No additional software required

No additional software required. You can use our proxy with any operation system: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Android, IPhone, Mac, ...
And you can use our proxy from any HTTP compatible software with HTTP proxy support: FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, ...

No input and output traffic limits, no bandwidth limit

No hidden traffic limits, no input and out traffic limits.
No bandwidth limits for all proxy products. You can download and upload big files, we do not require additional money for it. But do not try to kill our proxy!