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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use it for access adult sites, online games, ... ?

You can use it for any lawful action and surfing.

Can I use proxy for Xrumer, SeoNuke or similar automatic submitters?

No, we do not allow to use it for spam or for mass automatic submitters.

Do you proxy block some ports?

There are list of allowed ports: 21 (ftp), 70 (gopher), 80 (http), 210 (wais), 280 (http-mgmt), 443 (https), 488 (gss-http), 591 (filemaker), 777 (multiling http), 8080. All other ports are blocked and unaccessible with our proxy, but we can unblock some ports by customer request.

Do you allow to send email?

No, we do not allow to use our proxy for email sending or receiving, SMTP and POP ports blocked by default.

Can I use my proxy from different places or different IP?

Yes, you can use our proxy from different places and IP addresses.

Can I share proxy, or it's possible to use one proxy by more than one customer?

We do not allow to share proxy, if we will find that it was shared - we will turn of proxy and do not refund your order. We do not allow to use proxy with more than one customer, but nothing bad will happens if it will be used by two customers in one by one mode (not parallel mode).

If I will buy proxy, my external IP will be dynamic or static, how often it can be changed?

Your external IP will be static and the same during all period, so you can be sure that if your todays IP is nobody other will use it until you paying for proxy.

Can I use this proxy for billing sites or other high security sites?

Yes, you can use it for input sensitive data and you will not be banned because your IP address will be always the same.

Do you proxy cache any data?

Initially cache was turned on, but during tests we find that some dynamically generated images like charts and diagrams going to be cached too, so we turn temporary off cache. No, we do not cache any content now.

Can I use this proxy for online games?

Yes, we test it with some online games and it working fine.

How long does it take to get access to proxies?

Instantly, after billing processor will report us about your purchase. As usually it is 10 seconds - 5 minutes, but not always.

I have buy proxy, where I can find settings for access?

You can find it in My Proxy List page. If you do not see no proxy here, pls be sure that you complete purchase. (Or your order waiting for PayPro's manual approve)